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Message to the parent and cadets listed below:

Being a member of the Air Cadet Program is an important commitment and might prove to be very demanding to some youth who register to the program.

If the name of your child is listed below it means that they showed by their repeated absences to our cadet program activities very little interest. Unless there are particular circumstances that would justify the need to keep them registered to the program or a firm commitment that they will resume actively their participation next September, we would like to ask you to return your child's uniform so that we can officially remove him/her from the cadet program.

Parents of those cadets are invited to drop by Marie Victorin Community Center Friday June 9th between 18:45 to 19:45 or Tuesday June 13, 2023 between 19:00 to 21:00 to return ALL uniform parts that you accepted responsibility upon registration.

  1. Aasem Camilia

  2. Baller William

  3. Bazile Kris-Yvan Jonathan

  4. Bazile Oliver Jonas

  5. Chau Thimothy Hok Him

  6. Chen Yihan

  7. Cochu Damian

  8. Dupuis Loic

  9. Feng Yuhao

  10. Guo Cheng Hui

  11. Hajouji Idrissi Lalla Malika

  12. Jiang Jonas

  13. Liu Xavi Yanxi

  14. Lo Isaac Chun Him

  15. Mendez Samuel-David

  16. Ren Jayden

  17. Simard Nathaniel

  18. Trehin Amio

  19. Tudosie Andrei

  20. Wang Hongwen Owen

  21. Wang Qing Yu

  22. Williams Zachariah

  23. Wong Kin Siong Neil Ethan

Do not hesitate to contact the undersigned should you have any questions concerning the return of the uniform.

Major S. Castonguay

Commanding Officer



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