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Marksmanship (target shooting)

Are you ready for the challenge?

It takes a certain amount of concentration and a little talent to reach a target with a diameter of 3cm over a distance of 10m !!!


Many succeed and earn qualifications that they can sew on their uniforms. Some lucky ones will be part of one of our three competitive shooting teams because they have what it takes to compete with champions across the different corps/squadrons of the province or the country.


The shooting team has the chance to conduct training camps in suitable premises. The team trains on state-of-the-art electronic equipment, the same type used by Olympic athletes.

Depending on your skill as a sharpshooter, you may be able to earn a shooting qualification. The badges below indicate the level of qualification achieved. Sky is the limit (or level 4).


The best shooters will be part of the official 338 marksmanship competition shooting team!

Here are the pins you will earn during your participation in competitions regional, provincial and national.

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