Senior Staff Cadets

Squadron Leader - Warrant Officer 1st Class Chang Denise

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Warrant Officer 2nd Class Y. Tamara - Squadron Leader 2nd in command


Warrant Officer 2nd Class S. Chouinard - Squadron Warrant Officer


Warrant Officer 2nd Class L.S. Perdomo - Squadron's Training Standards lead

Warrant Officer 2nd Class E. Chiu - Squadron's Training Standards lead

FSGT G. Zhang - Instruction Staff

FSGT Mo K.S. - Instruction Staff

FSGT NG A. - Instruction staff

FSGT NG E. - Instruction staff

FSGT Antalis E. - Instruction staff

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Cadet Instructors

Griffon Flight commander - FSGT Moustafa Hossam

Hurricane Flight commander- FSGT Yung Patrick

Kiowa Flight commander - FSGT Li Vito

Sabre Flight commander- FSGT Helen Zijun Lan

Typhoon Flight commander - FSGT Madsen Isaac

Vampire Flight commander- SGT S. St-Cyr

Atlas Flight commander- SGT Suarez-Bastardo Jose Gabriel

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