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Music Activity

The Band

During this activity, interested cadets will have the opportunity to learn an instrument and build knowledge of military protocol, to be presented at the end of the year during the final parade.

Above all, they will participate in special training devoted to learning their instrument in the company of specialized teachers. Certain cadets may attempt to qualify for a musical level in accordance with the requirements of the cadet music program. 

During the summer period, some cadet musicians will also have the opportunity to take a specialized music course, either at the Valcartier Cadet Summer Training Center (CIEC Valcartier) (6 weeks) or at the École de Musique des Cadets de la Région de l'Est (EMCRE) (3 or 6 weeks), another opportunity to further develop their skills on their instrument in the company of highly qualified staff members. The cadets, more musically advanced, could even then apply to the prestigious Regional Music (MCRE).



Military music sample

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