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Self Defence Taekwon-do Activity

For life balance and physical fitness!


As part of our optional activity program, we want to offer our cadets an opportunity to learn self defence practical skills through Taekwon-do.  Taekwon-do is known as the most ancient self defence martial art in the world. Recognized by the Kogooryo dynasty founded in 37 BC in the Korean peninsula nordic area.  


The self defence activities will be delivered by a certified instructor Mr. Jean-Francois Fillion  Black  Belt 4th Dan.  Our Key objectives for this activity:


  • Improve the physical fitness or our cadets;

  • Learn practical self defence skills;

  • Get introduced to one of the most ancient self defence martial art;

  • Develop a sense of self control and personal discipline by applying the Taekwon-Do principles and values.

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