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As you have seen in the Cadet Canada brochure given to you when you registered your teenager to the squadron, you are not required to pay a registration fee when you join the cadet program. However, as stated in the brochure, parents and cadets are expected to participate in and contribute to fundraising as required by the League's local sponsor element.  

Each year our Squadron has to pay its annual membership fee to the Air Cadet League provincial committee.  The League's provincial committee sets up for all squadrons in the province an annual fund raising campaign (L'auto Cadets) to help the Air Cadet squadrons to raise the money required for their annual contribution to the League as well as for their local activities.  We also conduct other fund raising activities to meet our obligations that include accommodations, training aids, optional activities and program enhancements that are not otherwise provided by the Department of National Defence.  For our squadron, this means that the participation to the L'Auto Cadets fund raising campaign is mandatory for all cadets and that they should also expect to contribute to at least two more fund raising activities in order to subsidize our optional activity program. Fundraising at our squadron is a collective effort and considered an essential component to make our program interesting and successful.

Considering the benefits your teenager will obtain from the cadet program, we are calling on your cooperation to ensure your teenager meets his/her commitment to our local fundraising activities.

Leonie Fem


338 Squadron's sponsoring committee

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