Warrant officer First Class
Andrew Ma, Squadron Leader

Piloting Component

Take your wings!


It is with 338 Squadron that your ground school preparation starts!


As part of the mandatory air cadet training program, you will be introduced to the basic flight principles and general aviation concepts. 


The flight scholarship ground school optional activity is offered to cadets who wish to apply for the cadet Glider Pilot Flight Scholarship or the Airplane Pilot flight scholarship. The participants will cover the essential topics needed to write the Fight Scholarship entrance exams. Content include Air regulations, advanced flight principles, radio communications, meteorology, air navigation, aero engines, etc.


After having submitted their application and completed the selection process the selected cadets will take a 6 weeks long Flight Training Course in a certified flight school.  Successful candidate will receive their glider pilot wings or their airplane pilot wings.  



338 Squadron has a computer baed flight simulator on which you will have chance to experiment and apply some of the ground school lessons.

Join us for the Flight Scholarship ground school !

Offered on Wednesday nights 
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Document préparatoire aux entrevues,
partie pilotage.

405.01 Atmosphère terrestre / pression atmos.

405.02 Aspects météo de l'altimètre et vents

405.03 Température et humidité

405.04 Nuages.brouillard.agents soulèvement

405.05 Masse d'air et instabilité

Preparation study guides

Aide mémoire au pilotage à l'intention
des cadets du Niveau 3.

Royal Canadian Air Cadet program offered in  English in Brossard