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Dear parents and junior wildcats,

We sure hope that each of you are doing well and your families are healthy. The current situation has been disruptive in many aspects of our normal life and requires a lot resilience to face all the different challenges brought to each of us.

While we are waiting and following the evolution of the situation with COVID-19, it is our intention to keep our cadets connected and engaged with our local activities. In comparison with the 3 to 10 hours a week most of our cadets use to spend with us, we are now committed to use the technology to deliver part of the program and also to socialize virtually. We believe it is important to remain active and connected to each other as a proud Squadron just like any strong team.

For this reason, the adult staff members as well as your senior staff cadets have been busy in the past few days to create and organize some activities that will help keeping your busy, connected and to extend your learning with the cadet program. I am very proud as your Commanding Officer to count on a very dedicated and committed team to keep the ball rolling despite the battle we are collectively fighting.

Starting this week, you will see via different platforms ( Facebook, Instagram and our web site) a number of activities to stimulate your interest and keep you active. These activities will take the form learning capsules, fun challenges and Quizzes.

We are counting on each parent to encourage our junior wildcats cadets to connect and participate actively to all of the activities prepared by your staff on the following schedule:

  • Friday: Squadron challenges / capsules

  • Sunday: Optional activity challenges / capsules

  • Monday: Instruction level learning activities

  • Wednesday: Flights challenges / capsules

Do not hesitate to interact, ask questions, make suggestions to your staff so that with all of your creativity we can continue enjoy the benefit of the air cadet program while observing faithfully the different restrictions ordered by our government.

Major S. Castonguay CD

Commanding Officer

338 Junior Wildcats Squadron

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