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Last January a total of 17 cadets from 338 Squadron filed an application for a staff cadet position either as their first choice or second or third choice. As indicated in a previous communication from Regional Cadet Support Unit in St-Jean, Eastern Region will be offering summer employment to some of the cadets who have applied for a staff cadet position despite the COVID 19 lock down.

The nature of the work that will be assigned to staff cadets being employed will definitely be different than what would have happened in a normal Cadet Training Center set up. We do not have those details yet but summer employment will be offered to those who have been selected. You will find below the list of nine 338 Squadron cadets who are being offered a staff cadet position for the summer. This is a first round of offer and other offers might be presented depending if all offers presented are being accepted by cadets.

The offer of employment may affect participation in one of the compensation programs currenlty offered by the federal government, it is the cadet's responsibility to consider all of the options before accepting the offer. If a cadet chose to refuse the offer, there will be no other offer presented to this cadet and it will not affect future possibility of courses participation or employment with the cadet program.

Offers of participation will be e-mailed to selected cadets and they will be instructed to provide an answer as quickly as possible. If the selected cadet is no longer available, he/she will have to refuse the offer in the appropriate box and sign the document confirming the refusal of the offer.

Selected cadets ( first round)

  1. WO1 Chang Denise

  2. WO2 Chiu Emily

  3. WO2 Chouinard Sabrina

  4. WO2 Perdomo Lozada Laura Sofia

  5. FSGT NG Amelie

  6. FSGT NG Emelie

  7. FSGT Zhang Gary

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