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In preparation to start our training year, ALL CADETS should complete the annual validation survey before September 30, 2020. In this survey, you will:

  • Complete a virtual annual cadet information validation

  • Reserve your spot for October 4, 2020 (First come, first serve!)

  • Make an appointment with the supply section, if needed

Click on the link below to access the validation survey

After identifying yourself in the survey, input the following information to log in:

  • email:

  • password : MassiveEntry338

On Sunday October 4, 2020, each cadet and one parent are expected to come at Marie Victorin Community Center at the time they selected in the survey to finalize their annual validation and receive their new Field Training Uniform.

  • Cadets must be accompanied by 1 adult (parent or guardian) only.

  • Male cadets should wear the squadron blue T-Shirt and sports shorts to try the uniform pants

  • Female cadets should wear the squadron T-Shirt and leggings to try the uniform pants

  • A mask must be worn at all time by cadets and their parents.

  • Bring your own pen to sign documents.

  • Bring a sports bag to carry your new uniform and boots


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