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The following cadets DID NOT complete their annual validation online. Those cadets MUST complete their annual validation survey by the end of the day Monday October 12, 2020.

The annual survey also has to be completed by cadets who chose to quit the cadet program. In fact this is the only way to officially tell us if you are coming back or not. We sure hope that you are all coming back despite the current situation. We made arrangements to conduct our activities on-line until we are out of the RED alert zone and afterwards our activities will be conducted in full compliance of the public health regulations.

It is important to know that cadets who did not complete their annual validation will not be authorized to join our activities. It is very easy to do and it will take you only 3 minutes to complete. If you have already done it, tell your friends on this list to do it today.

To access the on-line annual validation survey:


1. Aasem, Yanis

2. Al-Amad, Amir

3. Al-Khairi, Lara

4. Antalis, Evangelos

5. Atia, Piere

6. Ba, Jingyi

7. Ben Salah, Anass

8. Bourakna, Reda

9. Cai, Andy

10. Chan, Elim Yung En

11. Chen, Jason Wen Jun

12. Chen, Victor Wen Xi

13. Cho, Renah

14. Deng, Kaien

15. Fang, Zoé

16. Florez Angulo, Ernesto David

17. Fu, Angie

18. Golovka, Gabriel

19. Gosselin, Mykevin

20. Grigoras, Philip

21. Guan, Steven

22. Huang, David

23. Huang, Zi Feng

24. Jiang, Jack

25. Jiang, Ying

26. Kamalan, Sir Adoh Christ Nathan

27. Kravchenko, Mykola

28. Kuetcheu Teffo, Aubin Christian

29. Li, Houlin

30. Li, Simon

31. Li, Wen Bin

32. Li, Yannick

33. Liu Chen Kiow, Olivia

34. Liu Chen Kiow, Stephanie

35. Liu, Emilia

36. Liu, Rong Hao

37. Liu, Yi Chen

38. Lizotte, Deryck

39. Lizotte, Lauraly

40. Lou, Cathy

41. Lu, Zixuan

42. Madsen, Isaac

43. Maldonado Juarez, Samuel

44. Meng, Jia Yin

45. Mou, Richard

46. Ng Youn Chen, Megan

47. Nguyen, Tristan

48. Pang, Léna

49. Pierro, Kim-Ly

50. Roussel, Jean-Baptiste

51. Shawar, Amir

52. Shi, Léonard

53. Shi, Roger

54. Song, Derek

55. Su, Vincent

56. Syomina, Elina

57. Tang, Wei Lun

58. Tchakounte Nsangou, Perry Dylan

59. Tong, Justin

60. Wang, Seanna

61. Wei, Sophia

62. Yang, Andrew Han Dong

63. Yu, Caitlin

64. Yuen, Lok

65. Zaman, Umair

66. Zhang, Hanbert

67. Zhang, Michael

68. Zhang, Pearl

69. Zhao, Alyssa

70. Zhao, Can Yang (Jerry)

71. Zhao, Lily

72. Zhao, Zi Yue

73. Zhong, Davis Haohao

74. Zhou, Jason

75. Zhu, Yijie

76. Zhu, Yijun


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