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You will fin below the list of our Junior Wildcats Air Cadets who registered for the community service at Brossard Nouvelle Génération food bank.

When: Thursday December 15, 2022 from 16:30 to 21:00. (If you can't make it for 16:30 because of school simply stop at home to change in your uniform and join us.)

Where: Mission Nouvelle Génération building located on 1423 Boul Provencher Brossard, QC

Dress: Field Training Uniform (green) with baseball cap or beret. Your blue cadet winter jacket is mandatory. Have your gloves and toque in your jacket pockets.

What will we do: You will be helping out in the handling and distribution of food baskets to food bank users. You might be helping in guiding people inside or outside the building on a rotating shift basis.

Note: Eat dinner before you arrive or bring a snack to eat on site. Report to Capt N. Au upon arrival inside the building to give your attendance and receive your tasking assignment.

Here is the list of our brave Junior Wildcats Cadets who have registered until now:

  1. Bamania Navya Level 2

  2. Bazile Kris Level 2

  3. Bazile Kris Level 2

  4. Bendahmane Sophia Level 5

  5. Chang Andy Level 4

  6. El Bachary Marwa Level 2

  7. Fares Abdul Level 2

  8. Gamaleldin Tala Level 2

  9. Gao Jingbo Level 1

  10. Hu Diana Level 3

  11. Hu Ethan Level 1

  12. Kitaev Moussa Level 1

  13. Labelle Samael Level 1

  14. Lee Andrew Level 4

  15. Lessard Leo Level 1

  16. Li Lucas Level 5

  17. Li Ricky Level 5

  18. Ma Clarissa Level 5

  19. Maistrenko Alejandro Level 3

  20. Perdomo Diego Level 4

  21. St-Georges Anne Level 1

  22. Wang Angela Level 3

  23. Yang Rundong

  24. Yu Rui Peng Ruppert Level 1

  25. Zhang Wen Qi Level 4

  26. Zhang Wen Bo Level 4

  27. Zhang Ziqi Level 1


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