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Parents and cadets,

You will find below the list of cadets who activated their Digital Fundraising Campaign sellers page in the Perfection application ss of today February 14, 2021 18:00. As you can see our Level 2 and level 5 cadets are in advance with 8 cadets each who already activated their seller's page. Our top seller so far is Cpl Marie St-Georges with $84.00 of total sales only two days after the launch of our fund raising campaign.

Did you start calling your relatives, neighbours and friends to let them know that we are conducting a fund raising campaign? No. Then hurry up, ask for their e-mail address and give them access to the different catalogs of products they can purchase through your Perfection seller's platform.

If you have not yet activated your seller's page, do not wait any longer. Your level staff can't wait to see your name in the list of those who have activated their seller's page and started to sell!

List of registered sellers as of February 14, 2021 18:00:

  • Passmore Cosmo-Roy Level 1

  • Xhang Wen Qi Level 1

  • Zhang Wen Bo Level 1

  • Benedetti Alessandro Level 2

  • Golovka Gabriel Level 2

  • Mbatkam Ryan James Level 2

  • Pomerleau François Level 2

  • St-Georges Marie Level 2

  • Toy William Level 2

  • Xu Huayan Level 2

  • Zhu Jason Level 2

  • Benedetti Giancarlo Level 3

  • Chiu Jeff Level 3

  • Gao Jennifer Level 3

  • Li-Shen Melissa Level 3

  • Ng Thodoric Level 3

  • Zhang Lawrence Level 3

  • Chen Hena Level 4

  • Chiu Meggie Level 4

  • Kung Tsz Fung Mike Level 4

  • Xie Nicole Level 4

  • Chung Mui Cheung Henna Level 5

  • Huang Max Chen Level 5

  • Mbatkam Audra Level 5

  • Moustafa Hossam Level 5

  • Ng Amelie Level 5

  • Ng Emelie Level 5

  • Suarez Sergio Andres Level 5

  • Zhang Gary Level 5


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