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Hey junior Wildcats!

Do not forget to bring your $ donation to your level officer Friday night if you want to have the privilege to wear civilian clothing this Friday November 18, 2022 regular training night.

You do not know what it is all about? Here it is:

As part of our community service program, 338 Junior Wildcats Squadron will be collecting money from its members in order to give a helping hand to a family facing a challenging situation during the Holidays.

Here is the deal:

Every cadet who will give a minimum of $3 donation for this solidarity fund will be entitled to wear civilian clothing for our November 18th training night which is planned to be in FTU uniform. Cadets will have to bring their donation to their level officer upon arrival. Cadets who do not wish to participate simply have to wear their uniform on Friday night.

The officers and staff team will equal the total amount collected by all cadets. The commanding officer and a member of the sponsoring committee will present the collected money to the family. The family receiving the money will remain anonymous for humanitarian reasons.

Hoping to see you all in your civilian dress on Friday night!

Major S. Castonguay

Commanding officer

Mrs Leonie Fem



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