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Video Challenge - Ending soon!

Dear parents of cadets,

Here is another activity that your child can partake in.


Share through a video capsule your cadet experience through one of the following categories:

1. What has one of the optional activities brought to you or to your life?

2. What are the three things you would like to share to a new cadet starting his career in the program?

3. Why do you believe the program is important for your present life and your future (name at least 2 things)?

4. Why do you think the cadet program is important for Canada’s youth?

5. What are your recommendations (name 3) for your peers to stay involved in the cadet program through this time of crisis?

The rules to participate to the contest:

1. Make a video between 1 and 4 minutes

2. Be original and different

3. Be authentic

4. Send your video capsule to - contest ends soon!

When sending us your video, we will share it on the Facebook group of the 338 squadron and you will be eligible to enter for the contest. You must however send it to the email written in number 4 to be eligible for the contest.

The winner will be chosen based on the rules above and a second winner will be chosen based on video popularity (number of reactions to the video) on the Facebook group. Each winner will get a 20$ gift card from their choice !

Good luck Junior Wildcats !

338 Staff

À la Une !!!!
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