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The following cadets have brought their donation to their level officer and have the privilege tonight to wear civilian dress instead of the Air Cadet uniform. So far we have $295.00 collected with those cadets only. We hope there will be more tonight.

In principle, because it is a mandatory program activity all cadets are supposed to wear their cadet uniform tonight . If you want the same privilege as the cadets listed below, show up in civilian dress with a minimum donation of $5.00 for the Junior Wildcats Christmas generosity fund.

Officers and staff will gather as one group and will match the total amount collected by our junior wildcats cadets. The total amount will be given to the Optimist Club for distribution to one family in need.

Cadet who do not wish to contribute to the Squadron's Christmas Generosity fund MUST wear their cadet uniform tonight. Cadet showing up in civilian without their donation will not be admitted unless they have not received the uniform yet.

List of pre-approved Civilian dress for cadets

  1. Aasem Yanis

  2. Bendahmane Sophia

  3. Bouffard Nelson

  4. Bourakna Reda

  5. Chang Denise

  6. Chang Lulu

  7. Chang, Andy

  8. Chiang Max

  9. Chiu Emily

  10. Chiu Jeff

  11. Chiu Meggie

  12. Cho Su Bin

  13. Chouinard Sabrina

  14. Chung Mui Cheung Henna

  15. Cioana David

  16. El Alaoui Arwa

  17. Espinal Sophia Elem

  18. Fossi Ivan

  19. Gao Jennifer

  20. Giancarlo Benedetti

  21. Grigoras, Philip

  22. Hiscock William

  23. Jiang Ying

  24. Kravchenko Mykola

  25. Kung Mike

  26. Li Houlin

  27. Li Lucas

  28. Li Shen Mélissa

  29. Li Simon

  30. Li Vito

  31. Liang Shirley

  32. Lin Cynthia

  33. Lou Cathy

  34. Lu Emily

  35. Mathur Prem

  36. Mbatkam Audra

  37. Meng Jia Yang

  38. Mo Sandy

  39. Mouya Madi Nelson

  40. Mustafayeva Tarana

  41. Ng Amelie

  42. Ng Emilie

  43. Petrie Thomas Alexandre

  44. Song Derek

  45. St-Cyr David

  46. St-Cyr Simon

  47. Su Vincent

  48. Tchakounte Dylan

  49. Theau Allistar

  50. Tran Thiet Khai

  51. Wang Irina

  52. Wang Junlin

  53. Wei Sophia

  54. Xu Huayian

  55. Yang Andrew

  56. Yu Caitlin

  57. Zhang Gary

  58. Zhu Yijie

  59. Zhu Yijun

  60. Zu Daniel

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