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A friendly reminder that ALL level 4 cadets must report at 19:00 to Marie Victorin Community Center on Friday September 20, 2019 for your marksmanship annual qualification. This is part of your mandatory training program.

The dress for this activity is Civilian sports dress with Squadron's blue T-Shirt (mandatory). Parents are expected to pick up cadets at 21:30 at Marie Victorin Community Center

List of level 4 cadets expected for their annual qualification:

  • Bachkangi Eleny

  • Ben Salah Anass

  • Cai Lucia

  • Carrillo HaydenArturo

  • Chung Mui Cheung Henna Jehan

  • Duran Joseph

  • Espinal Sophia Eleni

  • Huang Max Chen

  • Jaouhari ZiadAiman

  • Khare Aradhya

  • Kravchenko Mykola

  • Lan Helen Zijun

  • Lin Cynthia

  • Long Derek

  • Mbatkam Audra

  • Meng Qing

  • Morozova Yuliia

  • Movva Anirudh

  • Mustafayeva Tarana

  • Nguyen Thi Y Loi

  • Pogorielov Nabil

  • St-Cyr Simon

  • Su Qiana

  • Suarez Bastardo José Gabriel

  • Tawadros George

  • Tian Kevin

  • Tran Ngoc An

  • Wang Danyang

  • Yang Jonathan *

  • Yakymenko Illya

  • Ye Flora

  • Yu Mia

  • Zhang Jin Wei

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