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We now have 27 cadets registered for the Glider Familiarization flights that will take place at the Bromont airport on Saturday September 7th, 2019.

The cadets listed below must report for attendance at 07:00 at Marie Victorin Community Center. Each cadet must bring a cold lunch and the dress for this activity will be warm civilian clothing.

  1. Ben Salah Anass

  2. Cai Andy

  3. Chiu Emily

  4. Chiu Jeff

  5. Chiu Meggie

  6. Espinal Sophia

  7. Huang Zi feng

  8. Kung Mike

  9. Li Lucas

  10. Liu Elly

  11. Liu Rong Hao

  12. Lu Emily

  13. Luo Carson

  14. Ma Clarissa

  15. Mbatkam Audra

  16. Movva Anirudh

  17. Nguyen Thi Y Loi

  18. Nguyen Tristan

  19. Nguyen Van Gia Lap

  20. Peng Dominic

  21. Pierro Kimly

  22. St-Cyr Simon

  23. Théau Alistair-Raphaël

  24. Tran, Thiet Khai

  25. Yakymenko Illya

  26. Ye Sherry

  27. Yuen Lok

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