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338 Squadron's activities review survey

This message is intended to all junior wildcats cadets. Parents, please make sure your child take the time to read this message and complete the survey.

Junior Wildcats,

We accomplished a lot of things this year as part of our annual training program. We offered a wide variety of mandatory program activities as well as optional activities. Before we start planning the next training year, we wish to take a moment to reflect on what we accomplished this year and seek your feedback on how it went and what we could improved. We want to hear from each Junior Wildcats Cadet since your feedback will help a great deal in making our local program better each year. We expect each cadet to provide us with their feedback by completing this electronic survey before Friday June 7, 2019. Follow this link to access the survey:

Thank you for your precious feedback.

Your senior staff team!

À la Une !!!!
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