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Each Junior Wildcats cadet had to turn in the money and coupons for their first 48 tickets by Friday November 23, 2018.

As of today, 68 out of 128 registered cadets (53%) have met the first milestone and performance objective for this fund raising campaign.

The fund raising campaign is making good progress with 4512 tickets sold and a remaining 4444 tickets in circulation. It is a collective effort and we are counting on each cadet's commitment to make this campaign successful.

The cadets listed below have not yet turned in the money and coupons for their first 48 tickets sold. Those cadets will be given an extension until our final sales Blitz (Saturday December 1, 2018). This is your last chance to meet the first milestone and to make your flight successful in the race for the top flight for our fund raising campaign.

After the December 1st final blitz, those cadets who have not turned in the money and coupons of their first 48 sold tickets will not be authorized to participate into our optional activity program (Band, Drill team, Marksmanship, Cadet Reporter, Intro to Aerospace, etc). At that time, parents will be advised that their guarantee deposit will be cashed in to cover the money required for the 48 tickets ($80).

List of cadets who need to turn in the money and coupons of their first 48 l'Auto Cadets tickets:

Name First name

  • Atia Lamair

  • Blanchette Nathanael

  • Blanchette Noah

  • Bouriel Mohamed Yessine

  • Bouriel Rayan

  • Cai Andy

  • Cai Lucia

  • Carreno Daniel

  • Chang Denise

  • Chang Lulu

  • Cho Su Bin

  • Chung Mui Cheung Henna Jehan

  • Cuba Canales Darlyn

  • Du Lightning Yue

  • Guan Steven

  • Hal Houssine Amir

  • Huang Max Chen

  • Jerebtov Alexandru

  • Jiang Jack

  • Kravchenko Mykola

  • Kuang Jason

  • Lan Helen Zijun

  • Li Sherry

  • Li Vito

  • Li Wen Bin

  • Lin Cynthia

  • Liu Elly

  • Liu Yi Chen

  • Long Derek

  • Madsen Isaac

  • Meng Qing

  • Moulla Ryan

  • Mustafayeva Tarana

  • Osmani Rami

  • Rodriguez Torres Luis Alejandro

  • Su Vincent

  • Tang Wei Lun

  • Tawadros George

  • Tian Kevin

  • Tran Ngoc An

  • Tran Ngoc Minh

  • Tran Ngoc Thao Nguyen

  • Wang Danyang

  • Wang Xixi

  • Wu Bill Tong

  • Yakymenko Dmytro

  • Yakymenko Ilya

  • Yang Jonathan

  • Ye Flora

  • Yu Mia

  • Yung Patrick

  • Zhang Chelsea

  • Zhang Gary

  • Zhang Hanbert

  • Zhao Alyssa

  • Zhao Zi Yue​

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