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The campaign is going well in volume but we are a bit late in achieving our first milestone.

As of today, only 42% of our cadets have met the first milestone and performance objective for this fund raising campaign. EACH cadet has to turn in the money and coupons for their first 4 booklets (48 tickets) by Friday November 23, 2018. There is only one day left to make it happen. If your tickets are sold, you must bring it tomorrow night at Antoine Brossard High School.

After the December 1st final blitz, those cadets who have not turned in the money and coupons of their 48 sold tickets will not be authorized to participate into our optional activity program (Band, Drill team, Marksmanship, Cadet Reporter, Intro to Aerospace, etc).

Congratulations and special thanks to those fully committed cadets for achieving the first milestone in the fund raising campaign. Those cadets will be eligible for the different prizes that will be offered tomorrow on parade.

Aasem Yanis Alfahad Jacob-Mahmoud Antalis Nikolaos Bachkangi Eleny Teresa Benedetti Giancarlo Carrillo Hayden-Arturo Chen Hena Chiang Hsing Cheng Chiu Emily Chiu Meggie Diop Amadou Alioune Diop Jasmin Diaggha Duran Joseph Hiscock William Hogue William Hu Gavin Khare Aradhya Kung Tsz Fung Mike Lavigne Julie Le Andy-Bao Li Lucas Li Ricky Li Simon Lu Emily Luger Logan Ma Andrew Ma Clarissa Mbatkam Audra Movva Anirudh Nguyen Tristan Nguyen Van Dia Lap Pang Léna Peng Dominic Pierro Kim-Ly Reva Markel St-Cyr Simon Suarez Bastardo José Gabriel Tamara Bassel Tamara Youssef Tchassem Loudjom Marlyne Myriam Trujillo Moya Fernando Alberto Wang Kevin Wei Sophia Wilson Victoria Wu Alessandra Wu Giulia Xie Nicole Xuan Meng Xiang Ye Jacky Ye Sherry Yuen Thornton Zhang David Zhang Jin Wei

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