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We have a total of 57 cadets who registered for the October 13, 2018 Glider familiarization flight activity in Bromont. We are limited to 46 seats for this activity and will have to proceed by priority. As we indicated last week the first priority will be grated to first year cadet and Kittyhawk flight staff. The remaining places available will be assigned to deserving cadets based on level not completed from last year and progress so far in the l'Auto Cadets fund raising campaign. The number of tickets sold and money back to the sponsoring committee will be taken into account.

SELECTION The following cadets are confirmed as selected for the Glider Familiarization flight:

  1. BenedettiGiancarlo

  2. CaiAndy

  3. ChanElim Yung En

  4. ChiangHsing Cheng (Max)

  5. ChiuMeggie

  6. ChoSu Bin

  7. Cuba CanalesDarlyn

  8. DongCalvin

  9. HuGavin

  10. HuangDavid

  11. kharearadhya

  12. KuangJason

  13. KungTsz Fung Mike

  14. LiLucas

  15. LiSherry

  16. LiSimon

  17. LiuElly

  18. LuoCarson

  19. MaClarissa

  20. MoKai Shi

  21. NguyenTristan

  22. NguyenVan Gia Lap

  23. NguyenY Loi

  24. SuVincent

  25. TangWeilun

  26. Trujillo MoyaFernando Alberto

  27. WangXixi

  28. WeiSophia

  29. WuAlessandra

  30. YangRui han

  31. YeJacky

  32. YeSherry

  33. ZhangMichael

  34. ZhaoAlyssa

  35. ZhaoZi yue

  36. ZhongDavis

Selected cadets will have to report for bus departure at 07:00 at Marie Victorin Community center. Cadets have to bring a cold lunch. The dress is civilian clothing. Cadet should wear a warm jacket and rain boots since we will be spending the day outdoor at the airfield. Each cadet should also step on a scale and arrive with their weight in pounds in order to set the glider adjustment with your weight.

WAIT LIST The following cadets have been placed on the wait list and the remaining 12 seats available will be announced tonight on parade.

  1. Cai Lucia

  2. Chung Henna

  3. Lan Zijun Helen

  4. Li Ricky

  5. Lu Emily

  6. Mbatkam Audra

  7. Meng Qing

  8. MOVVA Anirudh

  9. Pierro kimly

  10. Song Yi Fan

  11. St-Cyr Simon

  12. Tchassem Loudjom Marlyne Myriam

  13. Tian Kevin

  14. Wang Kevin

  15. Wu Bill Tong

  16. Wu Giulia

  17. Xie Nicole

  18. Ye Flora

  19. Yu Mia

  20. Zhang jin wei

  21. Zhao Guang Hui

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