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DRESS FOR TONIGHT Full uniform with shirt and tie for ALL cadets tonight because of the role change activity and the end of evening mini parade where new cadets will be sworn in.

ROLE CHANGE ACTIVITY Some of you will be selected tonight to take the role of our staff member which include wearing their ranks and follow them all evening in their regular duties.

NEW CADETS SWEARING IN CEREMONY All new cadets registered since our last swearing-in ceremony will be sworn in tonight as part of our mini parade at the end of the evening. Parents of those cadets are invited to join us at 20:45 for the mini parade.

  • Badreddine Kaisse

  • Diop Jasmin Diaggha

  • Guan Steven

  • Hogue William

  • Huang Andy

  • Jiang Jack

  • Le Andy-Bao

  • Li Ricky

  • LiuElly

  • Lu Emily

  • Markis Khalil

  • Tran Ngoc Thao Nguyen

  • Tran Ngoc An

  • Tran Ngoc Minh

  • Wu Bovent

  • Wu Giulia

  • Xie Nicole

  • Ye Sherry

  • Ye Jacky

  • Zghib Maya

  • Zhao Guang Hui

PROMOTIONS The following cadets will receive their promotions on parade tonight. Better be present...

* Bouriel Mohamed Yessine Corporal * Chung Mui Cheung Henna Corporal * Cai Lucia Corporal * Luger Logan Corporal * Moulla Ryan Cadet First Class * Movva Anirudh Corporal

SUMMER CAMPS SELECTION RESULTS (MUSIC CEC) The following cadets have been selected for a music course this summer. All three cadets have to report to the commanding officer tonight with one of their parent to sign the summer camp participation offer:

* Alfahad J. - Intermediate music course - 6 Weeks * Suarez Bastardo J.G. - Elementary music - 3 weeks * Tian Kevin - Elementary music - 3 weeks

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