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Uniform Distribution Schedule

📣 Attention to all cadets! Uniform Distribution Schedule 🛍️

Dear Cadets,

To ensure a smooth, uniform distribution process, I'd like you to please take note of your designated time slot at the Marie Victorin Community Center on SUNDAY, September 17 2023. Here's the schedule:


  • Wei, Zihua

  • Junyi, Ren

  • Akkawi, Joud

  • Revenko, Léo Mathis

  • Sheyam, Ananya

  • Fitzgibbon, Audrey


  • Bouniel, Anas

  • Tse, Ho Shing Thomas

  • Ding, Esther

  • Yao, Xiao

  • Shen, Yiaing

  • Song, Feifei

  • Cao, Nina


  • Aidan Luca Marariu

  • Shum, Zi Fung

  • Huang, Eduard

  • Zhung, Andrew

  • Jiang, Jie

  • Zhu, Angela

  • Wu, Haoxuah

  • Chen, Yutong


  • Arevaldo Alcantara Zofya

  • Shaya, Minavi

  • Gor Durishya

  • Dong, Jennifer

  • Tran, Lilian

  • Guo, Amy


  • Deng, Eva

  • Somlith, Nathan

  • Yuan, Zijie

  • Kuang, Ophelia

  • Zheng, William Tianyu

  • Li, Tyler

Please arrive promptly at your designated time. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

We can't wait to see you all looking sharp in your uniforms! 🌟

1 Comment

Sep 14, 2023

Hi, mentioned schedule is for this weekend? Saturday or Sunday?

À la Une !!!!
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