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The National Marksmanship Competition results are finally out!

We are extremely pleased and most importantly proud of our 338 Junior Wildcats Shooters who won the Bronze medal for the Unit Team competition and the Silver Medal for the Unit Prone position team at the 2023 NATIONAL MARKSMANSHIP COMPETITION!

Congratulations to our 5 team members:

  1. Concessio Nathan

  2. Wang Angela

  3. Wu Zi Fan

  4. Zhang Wen Bo

  5. Zhang Wen Qi

They are now allowed to wear the Gold pin on their cadet uniform. A first in the history of 338 Junior Wildcats Squadron.

Congratulations to Angela Wang who won the Bronze medal for the Junior prone position competition as well as the Silver medal for Junior Cumulative score. Some very promising talent.

Onward Junior Wildcats!

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