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Field Training Uniform Distribution (APR 25, 9:00AM - 4:30PM)

You have until tomorrow, Friday, April 23, to complete the Sizing Validation Form:

Once the sizing validation form completed, make your appointment (maximum of 5 cadets per timeslot, act fast!):


  2. Login to your 338 squadron email (if prompted)

  3. Select your timeslot (each cadet must make an appointment)

Information about the distribution:

  • Where: Marie-Victorin Community Centre (790 Ave Victor-Hugo, Brossard)

  • When: Sunday, April 25, according to your appointment (only cadets who have completed the sizing validation and made an appointment can come)

  • Questions? Contact 2Lt Tam (

The following cadets have yet to completed the Sizing Validation Form:

1. FCpl Yanis Aasem

2. LAC Muhammad Ayman Ahmed

3. FCpl Gabriel Bachkangi

4. Cdt Yi Lin Bu

5. Cdt Yi Man Bu

6. FCpl Andy Cai

7. Fsgt Hayden-Arturo Carrillo

8. Cpl Jason Wen Jun Chen

9. Cpl Victor Wen Xi Chen

10. FCpl Hsing Cheng Chiang

11. Cpl Hsing Yu Chiang

12. LAC Seong Hyeon Cho

13. FCpl Su Bin Cho

14. Cdt Olivier Collin

15. FCpl Kevin Deng

16. FCpl Calvin Dong

17. LAC Hamza El-Moutamer

18. LAC Yusra El-Moutamer

19. Fsgt Sophia Elena Espinal

20. Cpl Ivan Leon Fossi Talom

21. LAC Ezekiel Gonzalez-Davila

22. Cdt Eric Grigoras

23. Cpl Philip Grigoras

24. FCpl Zi Feng Huang

25. LAC Adam Jazouli

26. Fsgt Aradhya Khare

27. Cpl Zhao-Yi Andrew Lee

28. FCpl Houlin Li

29. FCpl Simon Li

30. FCpl Wen Bin Li

31. FCpl Cathy Lou

32. Cdt Evan Lu

33. FCpl Carson Luo

34. Fsgt Isaac Madsen

35. LAC Alejandro Maistrenko

36. Cpl Samuel Maldonado Juarez

37. Fsgt Audra Mbatkam

38. LAC Grâce-Camille Mego

39. FCpl Jia Yin Meng

40. Fsgt Anirudh Movva

41. Cdt Mei Si Sienna Nguyen

42. Cdt Van Kiet Kelvin Nguyen

43. LAC Cosmo-Roy Passmore

44. Cpl Diego Alejandro Perdomo Lozada

45. WO2 Laura Sofia Perdomo Lozada

46. Sgt Thomas Alexandre Petrie

47. FCpl Mohamed Salim Saoudi

48. FCpl Roger Shi

49. Cpl David St-Cyr

50. Fsgt Simon St-Cyr

51. FCpl Vincent Su

52. Sgt Bassel Tamara

53. FCpl Wei Lun Tang

54. FCpl Mohamed Taoufik

55. Cpl Georgina Tawadros

56. FCpl Leah Annette Tchassem

57. Sgt Marlyne Myriam Tchassem Loudjom

58. FCpl Alistair Théau

59. Cpl Zachary Peter Thresh

60. FCpl Yu Qi Tong

61. FCpl Ana Sofia Torres Bejarano

62. Cpl William Toy

63. Sgt Thiet Khai Tran

64. Fsgt Danyang Wang

65. Cpl Irina Wang

66. Cpl Ella Wen

67. Cpl Lawrence Wong

68. FCpl Andrew Han Dong Yang

69. FCpl Rui Han Yang

70. Fsgt Flora Ye

71. FCpl James Yin

72. WO2 Patrick Yung

73. Cpl Emily Zeng

74. FCpl Chelsea Zhang

75. WO2 Gary Zhang

76. Sgt Hanbert Zhang

77. Fsgt Jin Wei Zhang

78. FCpl Michael Zhang

79. LAC Wen Qi Zhang

80. FCpl Can Yang (Jerry) Zhao

81. FCpl Lily Zhao

82. FCpl Davis Haohao Zhong

83. FCpl Jason Zhou

84. LAC Joyce Zhu

85. FCpl Yijie Zhu

86. FCpl Yijun Zhu

87. Cpl Daniel Zu

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