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Aviation Day

  • When: Sunday, March 26, 8:30AM - 5:00PM

  • Where: Marie-Victorin Community Centre

  • Dress: Civilian clothes with squadron t-shirt. (NO FTU, NO cadet coat)

Make sure to bring a cold lunch, bring a warm coat and arrive on time!

Here's the list of registered cadets:

  1. Dala'a Akkawi

  2. Markus Braunwell

  3. Kamil El Aroui

  4. Malak El Aroui

  5. Janice Kim

  6. Isabella Kuang

  7. Chuanshi Li

  8. Enyi Li

  9. Enyue Li

  10. Helena Li

  11. Ricky Li

  12. Evan Liang

  13. Nikolai Maistrenko

  14. Daphne Peng

  15. Maya Peroteau

  16. Rocco Ramirez

  17. Jade Camille Tchassem Tchuente

  18. Jason Ye

  19. Zi Qi Zhang

  20. Haoyu zheng


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