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It has been a while since we had to stop our activities due to COVID-19 lock down. Many of you are certainly asking themselves a lot of questions such as: Will cadet activities resume for the 2020-2021 training year? When are we going to start? What will it look like? Will we be able to meet in person for the mandatory or optional program activities? Is it true that we will be issued a new field training uniform?

There are still a lot of unknown information but here is what we know for now and that we can share to make sure that rumours do not take over the factual information:

The Canadian Cadet Organization is currently in the planning process for resuming the safe delivery of the cadet program a the national and local level. We will be issued this week some directions and procedures that will guide how we will be able to deliver the cadet program at local level. The main objective in delivering the program will be to ensure it can be done safely and in full compliance of the Public Health Authorities.

So the good news is that the cadet program will continue in our community provided that we will fully comply with the Public Health Authorities rules and regulations as well as the Canadian Cadet Organization rules.

Here are some answers to questions we have been asked:

The directions that we will be provided this week from the national and regional level will define what the program delivery will look like and which parameters we will need to implement in order to resume our activities.

We have been advised by the city of Brossard that we will be able to access the city's facilities we use for our program starting September 21, 2020. This means that provided that our National and Regional guidelines permit, we could potentially see our first gathering on September 25th or 27th.

The information we will be receiving this week will tell us what the program delivery look like. We know that we will not be authorized to have activities that involve a night stay away from home. We should also know how many cadets we will be allowed to gather at the same time which could mean a combination of in person activities and on-line activities. And, yes as indicated in our previous communications, all returning cadets will be issued a new field training uniform and this is what we will be wearing most of the time when we have cadet training activities.

Our intention is to resume our mandatory and optional program activities in full compliance with the restrictions imposed by the Public Health Authorities and Canadian Cadet Organization's Head Quarter.

Stay tuned as more information will be provided shortly via this FB group and our Web Site.

Your sponsoring committee and officers, civilian instructors and staff cadets are all looking forward to meet again.

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