Even though we can not conduct our normal training activities, our cadets who meet the different requirements for each rank level can continue to progress. We are pleased to announce the following promotions for the month of March.

Promoted to the rank of Leading Air Cadet

  • Wong Lawrence

  • Syomina Elena

  • Toy William

  • Zhao Can Yang

  • Bourakna Reda

  • Al-Amad Amir

  • Li Yannick

  • Grigoras Philip

  • Perdomo Lozada Diego

  • Kuetcheu Teffo

  • Ba Jing Yi

Promoted to the rank of Corporal

  • Mouya Madi Nelson

  • Kamalan Sir Adoh

Promoted to the rank of Sergeant

  • Kavchenko Mikola

  • Yakimenko Ilya

  • Khare Aradhya

Congratulations to all newly promoted cadets. The rank badges will be presented as soon as we can resume our normal activities.

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