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Because our organization is taking advantage of the city of Brossard facilities, the Recreation and Culture department is requiring that ALL cadets must have a valid Bciti card. This access card is the same that you need to access the Brossard city library or swimming pool. Whether you are a Brossard resident or not, ALL cadets must have a valid card to be allowed to participate in our cadet program activities.

If you already have your card and submitted your number when you registered, you have to make sure it is valid by paying your annual fee to the Brossard City Hall during their opening hours or to do it on-line at the following web site address: If you are a Brossard resident, the annual fee is cheaper if you do it on-line. If you are not a resident of Brossard, you have to go in person at the city hall offices during their opening hours.

We need to provide the city of Brossard Recreation and Culture department with the list of our registered cadets and their Bciti card number no later than January 25, 2019. We have the Bciti card number for most of our cadets but some have not yet provided us with their card number. The cadets listed below have to bring a copy of their card to Marie Victorin community center on Wednesday nights between 19:00 and 21:00 or to send a photo of their card no later than January 23, 2019 at the following e-mail address:

This Bciti card number has been requested upon registration but we are currently missing the Bciti card number for the following cadets:

  • Atia Lamair

  • Bachkangi Elena Teresa

  • Ben Salah Anass

  • Benedetti Giancarlo

  • Carillo Hayden-Arturo

  • Espinal Sophia Elem

  • Hiscock William

  • Hogue William

  • Hu Gavin

  • Jerebtov Alexandru

  • Lan Helen Zijun

  • Li Simon

  • Li Vito

  • Li Wen Bin

  • Liu Rong Hao

  • Men Qing

  • Movva Anirudh

  • Nguyen The Y Loi

  • Nguyen Van Dia Lap

  • Reva Markel

  • Rodriguez Torrez Luis Alejandro

  • Tamara Bassel

  • Tamara Youssef

  • Tian Kevin

  • Wang Kevin

  • Wang Xixi

  • Yakymenko Dmytro

  • Yakymenko Illya

  • Yu Mia

  • Zhang David

* Cadets failing to comply to this requirement will not be authorized to take part of the squadron's activities until they provide a valid Bciti card number.

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