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After one blitz and a few weeks since you received your l'Auto Cadets tickets, it is now time to start recovering the sold tickets and money.

As soon as a cadet has a full booklet sold (12 tickets), they have to return the sold tickets money and coupons to a member of the sponsoring committee. Cadets are invited to return their sold tickets and money each Wednesday nights at Marie Victorin Community Center between 19:00 and 21:00 or on Friday training nights at Antoine Brossard High School during the break or at the end of the parade.

It is important that you bring back the sold tickets and money promptly since we will be giving a reward to the top seller and to the flight that sold the most tickets. Results will be published each Monday on this Facebook group. Sold tickets will be one of the criteria taken into account to nominate the top flight at the end of each month.

Your first chance to return your sold tickets is this Wednesday October 3, 2018. Looking forward to see who and which flight has sold the most tickets so far!

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