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Despite our two previous invitations earlier this week, 9 cadets (see list below) still have not come with one of their parent for the signing of their summer camp participation offer.

Your child has been selected for a 2, 3 or 6 weeks training course TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE and dear parents, all we ask you is a signed confirmation that he/she will be attending or not. Again, the signature of the cadet and one of the parent is required even though your child chose not to go to camp anymore.

Cadets and parents failing to sign the participation offer on Friday April 20th 19:00 at Antoine Brossard High School will be removed from the list of selected participants and the camp position will be given to a more motivated cadet who is currently on the waiting list. This is your last chance to sign the required documentation.

Do not hesitate to communicate with we should you have questions.

Major S. Castonguay

Squadron cell phone: 438-520-3382

Cadets expected with one of their parents:

Bouriel Rayan Cai Lucia Carrillo Hayden Duran Joseph Huang Max Chen *Replacing a cancellation Lavigne Julie *Replacing a cancellation Liu Yi Chen Mbatkam Audra Movva Anirudh Pogorielov Nabil * Replacing a cancellation St-Cyr Simon * New offer for Music course Yung Patrick Zhang David

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