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WEEKLY MESSAGES (NOV 1 to 7, 2021)

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 2, 2021 (19:00 to 21:00)

Marie Victorin Community Center (790 Victor Hugo Avenue)

Supply office open for cadet who are quitting and need to turn in their cadet uniform.

Make sure the uniform parts your return are freshly washed and dried.

Cadets who need to exchange uniform parts can also come to Marie Victorin Community Center.

If you miss part of your blue uniform, please come Tuesday night because

we have a parade with blue uniform on Friday.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 3, 2021 (19:00 to 21:00)

Marie Victorin Community Center (790 Victor Hugo Avenue)

Administration office open for those who have not yet complered their annual validation. We are also open for new cadet registration. Please tell you friends who want to register that they can come to our admin office and they should bring Medical insurance card and their Brossard B-Citi card.

Cadet reporters: 18:30 - 21:30 (virtual)

Flight Ground school: 18:30 - 21:30 (in person)

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2021 (19:45 to 22:00)

Mandatory training program activities

Where: Antoine Brossard High School ( 3055 Rome Boulevard)

What: Instructional activities, CO's inspection and Remembrance ceremony.

Who: CADETS OF ALL LEVELS (1-2-3-4-5)

Dress instructions: Blue uniform C1-A (Tunic, Shirt and tie + wedge)


Optional activity program

•All optional activities are CANCELLED for this week-end due to municipal elections who will take place in the facilities that we are normally using.


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