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The air cadet program structure is based on a partnership between the National defence an a civilian component called the Air Cadet League of Canada. Each partner have specific responsibilities in the successful delivery of the program in the Canadian communities. At local level the air cadet League is represented by a sponsoring committee and they play an essential role in the support of the program in their communities. The sponsoring committee is composed of elected members from the community as well as parents. Every year, the sponsoring committee is elected under the supervision of their Leagues. It is this time of the year and we now need parent involvement to be members of the board and take part of the our Squadron’s sponsoring committee monthly meeting. The squadron can not operate without the existence of a sponsoring committee. We need your involvement. Please join us to our annual election meeting and consider joining the committee on October 29, 2021 at 20h15.

Join our virtual election meeting by clicking on the link below: You are invited to attend a MS Teams meeting Élections 338 Elections

Appuyez sur le lien ou collez-le dans un navigateur pour participer à la réunion.

Click on the link or copy/paste to your internet browser.

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