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Hello 338 Squadron Cadets and Parents,

We hope this message finds you well. We are excited to remind all cadets about the upcoming Ottawa Museums Tour, a significant event in our Air Cadet program. This trip is a blend of education and fun, offering a chance to explore Canada's rich history and aviation heritage.

List of Cadets who haven't registered yet:

  • Ainajian, Christopher

  • Akkawi, Dalaa By

  • Azimi, Arman

  • Balasingam, Santoosh

  • Braunwell, Markus

  • Bu, Yi Lin

  • Cao, Nicolas

  • Chang, Jingqi

  • Chen, Bigao

  • Chen, Hena

  • Chung, Lynette

  • Crawford, Joshua

  • Deng, Eric

  • Di Santo, Christopher

  • Doumos, Leandros

  • El Alaoui, Arwa

  • El Bachary, Marwa

  • Eldiabane, Farag

  • Fossi Talom, Ivan Leon

  • Gao, Jingbo

  • Gobin, Sanvi

  • Golovka, Gabriel

  • Guan, Nicholas

  • Gueye, Anna

  • Guitart, Franco Ezequiel

  • Ho, Cheuk Yin Daniel

  • Hu, Amberlyn

  • Huang, Yuzhi

  • Ibersiene, Yanis

  • Karimkhani, Kian

  • Khodabux, Jasim

  • Khodabux, Jehaan AFia

  • Kim, Janice Seo Yeon

  • Kolthur, Sanjitha

  • Kwok, Jacob

  • Labelle, Samael

  • Lee, Zhao-Wan Eva

  • Lee, Zhao-Yi Andrew

  • Leroux, Layla Frances

  • Leroux, Lyam Noël

  • Li, Chuanshi

  • Li-Shen, Melissa

  • Lu, Lisa

  • Lu, Maya

  • Ma, Clarissa

  • Ma, Edric

  • Maistrenko, Nikolai

  • Marariu, Aidan Luca

  • Mendez, Samuel-David

  • Minavi, Shaya

  • Nana, Ines Nicole Myriam

  • Nana Noutcha, Tony Alan

  • Potvin-Keyes, Brayden Jack

  • Qi, Julia

  • Rashed, Mariam

  • Rashed, Omar

  • Ren, Eric

  • Ren, Junyi

  • Ruan, Vincent

  • Shi, Jian Yun

  • Simard, Nathaniel

  • Simo, Ange-Sarah

  • Song, Elaine

  • Song, Zi Rui

  • Sun, Jianwen Stephen

  • Sun, Justin

  • Tang, Jiaying

  • Tang, ZiMing

  • Tawadros, Georgina

  • Tazi, Ethan Ayden

  • Tomazeli, Kyan

  • Toy, Lucas Chun Wai

  • Toy, William

  • Trehin, Amio

  • Verma, Aakriti

  • Vilvaratnam, Parhavy

  • Wafo Togueu, Mael Verdel

  • Wafo Togueu, Mokam Arnelle Yvana

  • Wang, Jasmine

  • Wei, Zihua

  • Wu, Vivian Yu Fei

  • Wu, ZhanXuan Victor

  • Xing, Mingrui

  • Yan, Patricio

  • Ye, Brayden cho Yin

  • Ye, Cho Yiu

  • Yee, Lucas

  • Yin, Dylan

  • Yu, Rui Peng Ruppert

  • Yu, Zihang Hebe

  • Zeng, Emily

  • Zeng, RuiYu

  • Zhang, Alek

  • Zhang, Chelsea

  • Zhang, George

  • Zhang, Ronghong Ally

  • Zhang, Wen Bo

  • Zhang, Wen Qi

  • Zhang, Ziqi

  • Zhao, Yunqi

  • Zhu, Joyce

🔗 Registration Link:

We urge the mentioned cadets to register at your earliest convenience. This trip promises to be both educational and enjoyable, providing unique insights into our nation's history and aerospace achievements. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Event Details:

🗓️ Date: November 19th, 2023

🕖 Time: Form up at Marie Victorin Community Center at 06:45 AM sharp

🏛️ Destinations: Canadian Parliament, Aviation & Space Museum, War Museum, History Museum, and other attractions

👕 Dress Code: Civilian clothing with 338 Squadron's blue t-shirt (no uniform parts allowed)

🍱 Lunch: Please bring a cold lunch; supper will be provided in Ottawa

🕘 Return: Approx. 9:00 PM at Brossard

Important Notes:

1️⃣ Mandatory Attendance: This tour is a mandatory/complementary activity for all cadets, regardless of their level. Attending is crucial to pass your current level.

2️⃣ Registration: Even if you are unsure about your attendance, it is essential to register. Please make sure to complete your registration if your name is listed below.

3️⃣ Form Up Time: Arrive at least 15 minutes before the departure time to ensure a timely departure.

We look forward to an enriching and memorable experience in Ottawa!


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