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Report in your FTU to Marie Victorin Community Center at 06:45 on Saturday Oct 23, 2021. Parents will have to be back at Marie Victorin Community Center the same day to pick up their child at 20:15.

** Important notice: In order to ensure child safety, parents who are more than 20 minutes late will have to pick up their child at the police station. **


Dress for this activity will be C5W (FTU uniform, Tilley Hat, Winter blue jacket with cadet gloves and toque in the pockets)


Small backback containing the following:

Snacks, filled water bottle, small pocket knife(max 4 inches blade), roll of twine, matches, extra pair of socks, medical insurance card, work gloves, kleenex tissues, extra face mask.


Lunch and dinner will be provided to each cadet. If you have food restrictions or allergies, please bring your own lunch and dinner as we can not guarantee that the Meal Ready to Eat packages are gluten free or do not contain other ingredients that might cause allergies. Cadets can bring some light healthy snacks or fruits to complement their meal.


You will find below the list of cadets who confirmed their participation to our October 23, 2021 Field Training Exercise.

Last name First name Level

Al hamami Said Level 1

Bachkangi Eleny Level 5

Bendahmane Sophia Level 4

Benedetti Alessandro Level 3

Benedetti Giancarlo Level 4

Bu YiLin Level 4

Chang Andy Level 3

Chen jason Level 3

Chen Victor Level 3

Chiang Hsing yu Level 3

Chiu Jeff Level 4

Chiu Meggie Level 5

Cho Seong Hyeon Level 2

Chouinard Sabrina Level 5

Chung Mui Cheung Henna Level 5

Concessio Nathan Level 2

DiSanto Christopher Level 1

El Alaoui Arwa Level 3

El ghazi hamid Level 1

El ghazi Lina Level 1

Fares Abdulrahman Level 1

Fossi Talom Leon Nathaniel Ivan Level 3

Gao Jennifer Level 4

Gosselin Mykevin Level 3

Gueye Anna Level 3

Hajouji Malika Level 3

He Xiaorui Level 3

He Yidian Level 2

Hiscock William Level 5

Huang Max chen Level 5

Jazouli Adam Level 2

Karimkhani Kian Level 1

Karimkhani Yekta Level 1

Kasakov Adeline Level 1

Lai Cheong Kaylee Jade Level 1

Lau Zoé Level 1

Lee Zhao-yi andrew Level 3

Li Lucas Level 4

Li Ricky Level 5

Li Wen Bin Level 4

Li-Shen Melissa Level 4

Liang Evan Level 1

Liu Derek Level 1

Long Derek Level 5

Lou Cathy Level 4

Lu Emily Level 5

Lu Evan Level 2

Ma Clarissa Level 4

Ma Edric Level 2

Maistrenko Alejandro Level 2

Maldonado Samuel Level 3

Mbatkam Audra Level 5

Mbatkam Ryan James Level 1

Mego Grâce-Camille Level 2

Messier Alexandre Level 1

Messier Juliette Level 1

Moreno Sergio Andres Level 5

Mou Richard Level 3

Moustafa Hossam Level 5

Movva Anirudh Level 5

Ng Megan Level 3

Ng Theodoric Level 4

Nguyen Van Kiet Kelvin Level 4

Nsangou Perry Dylan Level 4

Passmore Cosmo-Roy Level 2

Pataky Marc Level 2

Perdomo Diego Level 3

Peres Thomas Level 2

Pierre shakir noah Level 1

Prakash Aaryan Level 1

Saoudi Mohamed Salim Level 4

Setchaisy Tyffanie Level 1

Shadzi Aryan Level 1

Shi Sheng Qi Level 1

Simo Ange-Sarah Level 3

Slavov André Level 2

St-Cyr David Level 3

St-Georges Marie Level 3

Suarez Bastardo Jose Gabriel Level 5

Tawadros Georgina Level 3

Tchassem Loudjom Marlyne Myriam Level 5

Tchassem Ngensu Léah Annette Level 4

Tetley Brenna Level 3

Torres Bejarano Ana Sofía Level 4

Toy William Level 3

Tse Ho Gwon Nathan Level 1

Wafo Mael verdel Level 2

Wafo Togueu Arnelle Level 3

Wang Angela Level 2

Wang Chang Level 1

Wang Irina Level 3

Wang Seanna Level 4

Wang Yiqing Level 1

Wen Ella Level 3

Wong Neil Ethan Level 1

Xie Ivan Level 4

Xie Nicole Level 5

Xu Huayian Level 3

Yang Helena Level 3

Ye Cho yiu Level 1

Ye sherry Level 5

Zeng Dason Level 3

Zeng Emily Level 3

Zhang Chelsea Level 4

Zhang Gary Level 5

Zhang Griffin Level 3

Zhang Lawrence Level 4

Zhang Wen Bo Level 3

Zhang Wen Qi Level 3

Zhao Zibo Level 1

Zheng Linyi Level 1

Zhong Candice Weijia Level 5

Zhou Jason Level 4

Zhu Jason Yui-Hon Level 3

Zhu Joyce Level 2

Zu Daniel Level 3


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