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Message to ALL cadets.

This will be our last traning activity of the year and we want to finish it with a really cool activity.

What is the Warrant Officer First Class' Challenge?

It is an Inter-Flight competition in which each members of their flight will be presented different sports or skill challenges that will require team work, good physical condition and great common sense to successfully complete the challenges. We hired a company specialized in this kind of activities and they will bring their exciting and terrific games that each cadet will certainly enjoy.

This activity will be conducted outdoor behind the Antoine Brossard High School play ground. The weather forecast is looking good for the weekend so it will be great fun guranteed.

At this time too many cadets did not yet confirm whether they will be attending or not the activity. Your flight commanders will be contacting you but take some advance and confirm on the squadron's web site if you will join us. It is a team effort. Each flight must come with full attendance if they want to have the best chances to be nominated as the top Flight for the WO1's Challenge!

Looking forward to see you on Sunday for this activity. Here is the link to confirm your attendance:

Hurry up we need your confirmation by 20:00 tonight (Thursday June 9th).


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