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The following cadets are invited to the staff cadet leadership workshop at Michel Normandin Arena Parking this Sunday (Sept 11, 2022) from 08:30 to 12:00.

The dress code will be sports outfit ( with the squadron baseball cap, squadron t-shirt, sport short ). Please bring a notepad (and pen), a water bottle and solar cream.

If you are not able to attend, it is important to advise us via squadron email or direct message

Mbatkam, Audra

Huang, Max Chen

Zhang, Jin Wei

Hiscock, William

Movva, Anirudh

Tchassem Loudjom, Marlyne Myriam

Chung Mui Cheung, Henna Jehan

Chiu, Meggie

Xie, Nicole

Lu, Emily

Li, Ricky

Bachkangi, Eleny Teresa

Zhang, Chelsea

Ma, Clarissa

Li, Lucas

Benedetti, Giancarlo

Yang, Rui Han

Li, Wen Bin

Chen, Hena

Li-Shen, Melissa

Bachkangi, Gabriel

Zhang, Lawrence

Bendahmane, Sophia

Tchassem, Leah Annette

Xie, Ivan

Lou, Cathy

Gao, Jennifer

Ng, Theodoric

Chiu, Jeff

Zhou, Jason

Torres Bejarano, Ana Sofia

Zhong, Wei Jia (Candice)

Nguyen, Kelvin

Briard, Gabriel

Nsangou, Perry Dylan

Zhang, Wen Bo

Zhang, Wen Qi

St-George, Marie

Wu, Zi Fan

Wang, Irina,

Mou, Richard

Perdomo, Diego

Zeng, Emily

Chang, Andy

We were looking forward to seeing you again! We hope you enjoyed your summer break and had an excellent return to school.


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