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The cadets listed below received booklets of our Air Cadets Lottery tickets but did not bring back the tickets stub with the information of the person who purchased the tickets.

The sale of those tickets are monitored by the Régie des loteries et courses du Québec. Each sold ticket must generate a ticket stubs that we need to verify and prepare for the final gathering of the tickets at the Air Cadet League level. Failing to turn in the ticket stubs might seriously compromise the fund raising campaign.

Consequently, it is IMPERATIVE that ALL ticket stubs be brought back to the squadron tonight at Marie Victorin Community Center between 19:00 and 21:30.

If the name of your child appears below, you are expected to bring back the sold tickets stubs tonight.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Last name First name

  • Akkawi Dalaa By

  • Bazile Kris-Yvan Jonathan

  • Bazile Oliver Jonas

  • Borges Nunez Diego Alejandro

  • Cai Sarah Shinyii

  • Chen Hena

  • Chen Yijia

  • Chen Yuxuan

  • Chiu Jeff

  • Cloutier Anaïs

  • Cochu Damien

  • Deng Eric

  • Farwaha Anhad Singh

  • Ho Daniel

  • Huang Max Chen

  • Karimkhani Kian

  • Lee Zoe

  • Li Xiang

  • Liu Siheng

  • Liu Yu Rui

  • Lu Maya

  • Ma Edric

  • Min Melinda

  • Mou Richard

  • Passmore Cosmo-Roy

  • Perdomo Lozada Diego Alejandro

  • Ramirez Aguirre Rocco Mathias

  • Ren Eric

  • Salaberry Lezama Ivan Agustin

  • Shadzi Aryan

  • Shao Zhengkun

  • Simo Ange-Sarah

  • Tao Jenny

  • Tawadros Georgina

  • Tchassem Tchuente Jade Camille

  • Venugopalan Sreejith Sreyas

  • Wang Angela

  • Wang Chenxuan

  • Wen Ella

  • Yang Rui Han

  • Zhang Alek

  • Zhang Chelsea

  • Zhang George

  • Zhang Junyuan

  • Zhang Lawrence

  • Zhou Jason

  • Zhou Rui Yu

  • Zhu Joyce

  • Zou Haoyu Eric


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