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🛩️ Get Ready for the Volaria Air Show on September 9th! 🚀


Excitement is building as we count down the days to the Volaria Air Show! 🌟 Join us on September 9th for an adrenaline-packed day of aerial displays and aviation wonders. 🤩

Here's what you need to know:

📍 Location: Marie Victorin Community Center

🕒 Time: 12:30 PM to 9:00 PM

🚌 The bus will depart at 12:30 PM from the Marie Victorin Community Center, so please arrive a little earlier.

🍽️ Remember to have lunch before coming and pack a cold dinner.

👕 Don't forget to wear your Squadron T-shirt with the Squadron Baseball cap - our dress code for the day.

List of Confirmed Participants:

Akkawi, Dala'a

Akkawi, Joud

Arevalo Alcantara Vargas, Zofya Elena

Bamania, Navya

Bendahmane, Sophia

Benedetti, Alessandro

Braunwell, Markus

Bu, Yi Man

Cao, Nina

Chan, Yat Long Terrence

Chang, Andy

Chang, Angela

Chen, Amy

Chen, Yijia

Concessio, Nathan

De Souza, Abigael

Dehnadi, Vista

Deng, Eva

El Houkmi, Adam

Eldiabane, Farag

Farwaha, Anhad

Gamaleldin, Mo

Gamaleldin, Tala

Gao, Jingbo

Gobin, Sanvi

Gravelle, Heidi

Guitart, Franco

He, Yidian

Huang, Michael

Huang, Yuzhi

Jiang, Jie

Kitaev, Moussa

Kwok, Jacob

Labelle, Samael

Lee, Eva

Lee, Zoe

Lessard, Léo

Li, Chuanshi

Li, Enyi

Li, Enyue

Li, Fei Fan Vera

Li, Lucas

Li, Ricky

Li, Tyler

Liang, Evan

Liang, Xinran Alice

Li-Shen, Melissa

Ma, Clarissa

Naffouti, Firas

Naffouti, Salma

Nathan Willson, Tchetgen

Ng, Theodoric

Papapanou, Michael

Peng, Daphne

Peng, Libo

Pomerleau, Anaïs

Qi, Julia

Rashed, Mariam

Rashed, Omar

Ren, Jaydenq

Ren, Junyi

Revenko, Leo-Mathis

Said, Bilal

Setchaisy, Tyffanie

Shen, Yiqing

Shi, Shuangrui

Shum, Zi Fung

Song, Feifei

St-Georges, Marie

Tchassem, Jade

Tchetgen, Nathan Willson

Tomazeli, Kyan

Trehin, Amio

Vaillancourt, Ryan-Alexander

Wei, Zihua

Wu, Vivian

Xiao, Justin

Ye, Cho Yiu

Yu, Zihang

Zeng, Ruiyu

Zhang, Andrew

Zhang, Lawrence

Zhang, Wen Bo

Zhang, Wen Qi

Zhang, Ziqi

Zheng, Haoyu

Zheng, Linyi

Zhong, Candice Weijia

Zhong, Jia Huan

Zhou, Ruiyu

If your name is on the list, you're in for an amazing experience! If not, reach out to us at

Get ready to be wowed by the world of aviation! 🛫✨ See you at the Volaria Air Show! #VolariaAirShow #AviationAdventure


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