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Exciting News! Self-Defense Class Update!

Hey everyone!

We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response for our upcoming self-defense class! We have a fantastic group of individuals who are eager to learn and empower themselves. Due to the high number of registrations, we have split the class into two teams to ensure everyone gets the attention and instruction they deserve.

For the first class, scheduled this week ( Oct 13 ), Team A members are expected to attend. Here is the list of Team A members:

  1. Akkawi, Joud

  2. Arevale, Zofya

  3. Cao, Nina

  4. Chen, Yutong

  5. Concessio, Nathan

  6. Ding, Esther

  7. Dong, Jennifer

  8. Farwaha, Anhad Singh

  9. Gamalel Din, Mohamed

  10. Gamalel Din, Tala

  11. Gao, Jingbo

  12. Gravelle, Heidi

  13. Huang, Edward

  14. Kim, Janice

  15. Li, Enyi

  16. Li, Enyue

  17. Li, Helena

  18. Redouane, Chadi

  19. Ren, Jayden

  20. Shen, Yiqing

  21. Song, Feifei

  22. Tchassem, Jade

  23. Venugupden Sreejith, Sreyas

  24. Wu, Zi Fan

  25. Xiao, Justin

  26. Yang, Ivan

  27. Yuan, Zijie (Jeffrey)

  28. Zhu, Angela

For the next class (Oct 20) , Team B members are expected to attend. Here is the list of Team B members:

  1. Chen, Wei Jun

  2. Chen, Yijia

  3. Jiang, Jie

  4. Jiang, Jonas

  5. Juang, Isabella

  6. Kuang, Ophelia

  7. Labelle, Samael

  8. Leroux, Layla

  9. Leroux, Lyam

  10. Li, Jacob

  11. Li, Tyler

  12. Liang, Evan

  13. Liu, Jianhao

  14. Lu, Maya

  15. Mou, Richard

  16. Nam, Seungwoo

  17. Qi, Julia

  18. Tang, Shelton

  19. Tse, Ho Gwon Nathan

  20. Tse, Ho Shing Thomas

  21. Wu, Vivian

  22. Wu, HaoXuan

  23. Qi, Julia

  24. Zhang, Andrew

  25. Zhang, Maya

  26. Zhang, Milia

  27. Zhong, Jia Huan

  28. Zhou, RuiYu

Team B members, get ready to learn valuable self-defense techniques, enhance your confidence, and have a great time together! Here is the updated schedule for each team:

  • 13-Oct: Team A

  • 20-Oct: Team B

  • 27-Oct: Team A

  • 03-Nov: Team B

  • 10-Nov: Team A

  • 17-Nov: Team B

  • 24-Nov: Team A

  • 01-Dec: Team B

  • 08-Dec: Team A

  • 15-Dec: Team B

For Team A members, we can't wait to see you in action this week. Let's make this self-defense journey empowering and fun for everyone! 返


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