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We are happy to inform you that the following cadet has been promoted to Leading Air Cadet at 338 Junior Wildcats Squadron. LAC Christopher Ainajian LAC Suliman Ziyad Ben Khayal LAC Abigael De Souza LAC Marwa El Bachary LAC Mohamed Gamalel Din LAC Tala Gamalel Din LAC Jasim Khodabux LAC Janice Seo Yeon Kim LAC Moussa Kitaev LAC Rassoul Kitaev LAC Sanjitha Kolthur LAC Isabella Kuang LAC Zhao-Wan Eva Lee LAC Zoe Lee LAC Xiang Li LAC Belina Li-Shen LAC Yu Rui Liu LAC Darielle Serena Mabe Soh LAC Divine Precious Mateu Soh LAC Melinda Min LAC Maya Hudear Peroteau LAC Anais Pomerleau LAC Julia Qi LAC Xuhan (Eddie) Qiu LAC Zi Rui Song LAC Michelle Glory Tchana Soh LAC Lucas Chun Wai Toy LAC Nikki Tran LAC Hongwen Owen Wang LAC Simon Haotian Wang LAC Vivian Yu Fei Wu LAC Ivan Yang LAC Lucas Yee LAC Junyuan Zhang They will be presented with their new rank badges on parade Friday, January 20, 2023. Congratulations to our newly promoted cadet.


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