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ALL CADETS participating to one of the summer training program course MUST HAVE their Cadet 365 e-mail account activated no later than JUNE 24, 2023

OK but how do I get my Cadet 365 E-Mail account activated?

  1. Simply send an e-mail to requesting to have your e-mail account activated.

  2. Upon reception of your e-mail we will respond by sending you your User ID and temporary password. With this information, replace the temporary password given to you by your own password and follow the account activation instruction that will be provided to you in the activation instructions e-mail.

  3. Once activated, send an e-mail from your Cadet 365 account to to let us know that your Cadet 365 account is active.

Important: If you have already activated your account but forgot your password, you can request a password reset by calling the National IT help desk at 1-855-252-8082.


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