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📢 Attention Cadets! 📢

We would like to remind all cadets that the annual review ceremony is tomorrow, and it is mandatory for each and every one of you to register even if you are unable to attend the ceremony.

Please note that the following cadets have NOT registered yet:

  • Aasem, Camilia

  • Abdaddayam, Abdarrahman Mani

  • Ainajian, Christopher

  • Akkawi, Dalaa By

  • Akomezoghe, Paul Emeric

  • Azimi, Arman

  • Baller, William

  • Borges Nunez, Diego Alejandro

  • Bu, Yi Lin

  • Chau, Timothy Hok Him

  • Chen, Hena

  • El-Moutamer, Hamza

  • Feng, Yuhao

  • Guan, Nicholas

  • Hajouji Idrissi, Lalla Malika

  • Ho, Cheuk Yin Daniel

  • Jiang, Jonas

  • Labelle, Samael

  • Lee, Zhao-Yi Andrew

  • Li, Chuanshi

  • Liu, Molly

  • Liu, Xavi Yanxi

  • Mabe Soh, Darielle Serena

  • Maistrenko, Nikolai

  • Mateu Soh, Divine Precious

  • Mendez, Samuel-David

  • Naffouti, Firas

  • Naffouti, Salma

  • Perdomo Lozada, Diego Alejandro

  • Ren, Jayden

  • Shi, Shuangrui

  • Simard, Nathaniel

  • Song, Zi Rui

  • Tao, Jenny

  • Tchana Soh, Michelle Glory

  • Trehin, Amio

  • Venugopalan Sreejith, Sreyas

  • Wang, Hongwen Owen

  • Wu, Mulei

  • Wu, ZiHao

  • Xiao, Justin

  • Zhang, Chelsea

  • Zhang, Junyuan

  • Zhang, Lawrence

  • Zhou, Rui Yu

Even if you have prior commitments and cannot attend the ceremony, it is essential that you complete the registration process.

Please take a moment to register for the annual review ceremony through the designated platform or contact the event coordinator for further assistance. Remember, your participation matters!


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