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Attendance list for : Visit to CAE and Bombardier

We are excited to announce the upcoming CAE and Bombardier visit. The following cadets are requested to arrive at Marie Victorin Community Center at 7:45 sharp. We will depart by bus at 8:00 and no late arrivals will be authorized.

  1. Bamania, Navya

  2. Bendahmane, Sophia

  3. Benedetti, Alessandro

  4. Benedetti, Giancarlo

  5. BRAUNWELL, Markus

  6. Chang, Angela

  7. EL AROUI, Kamil

  8. EL AROUI, Malak

  9. Gamaleldin, Mohamed

  10. Gamaleldin, Tala

  11. Ganesh Moola Ganesh, Rihanna

  12. Gobin, Sanvi

  13. He, Yidian

  14. Huang, Yuzhi

  15. Khodabux, Jasim

  16. Khodabux, Jehaan

  17. Kitaev, Moussa

  18. Kwok, Jacob

  19. Lai Cheong, Kaylee Jade

  20. Lau, Zoé

  21. Lessard, Leo

  22. Li, Helena

  23. Li, Ricky

  24. Li, Vera

  25. Maistrenko, Alejandro

  26. Pasquati Lacroix, Felipe

  27. Pomerleau, Anaïs

  28. Said, Bilal

  29. St-Georges, Anne

  30. St-Georges, Marie

  31. Tchassem, Jade

  32. Vasalos-De Montigny, Adrian

  33. Venugopalan Sreejith, Sreyas

  34. Wang, Antoine

  35. Wu, Vivian

  36. Ye, Cho yiu

  37. Zhong, Jia Huan

Please ensure that you bring a cold lunch with you for the day. The dress code for the visit will be the blue uniform, including blue pants, blue vest, shirt, tie, and your wedge. We expect to return around 15:30. We look forward to a great visit with CAE and Bombardier!


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