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Administration Messages

  • Who: all cadets in the list below

  • Where: Marie-Victorin Community Center

  • When: November 18, 7PM-9PM

  • Why: To complete their file

Questions? Contact

The following cadets must come with a parent to finalize their registration, complete their annual validation or complete an additional form:

  • Lara Al-Khairy

  • Markus Braunwell

  • Xijia Chen

  • Mykevin Gosselin

  • Gabriel Hemmery-Neault

  • Keita Hotorna

  • Zhao-Wan Eva Lee

  • Omar Rashed

  • Parhavy Vilvaratnam

  • Jason Zhu

  • Joyce Zhu

The following cadets must provide a copy of their medicare card:

  • Yi Lin Bu

  • Jeff Chiu

  • Yuxuan Chen

  • Hamza El-Moutaner

  • Yuhao Feng

  • Cheng Hui Guo

  • Keita Hotorna

  • Janice Kim

  • Xuhan Qiu

  • Raghav Sharma

  • Chang Wang

  • Rui Han Yang

  • Sreejith Venugopalan

  • Lawrence Zhang


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