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ALL cadets had to turn in at least 48 sold l'Auto cadet tickets by November 15, 2019. Some have been granted an extension by the sponsoring committee but now that the end of calendar year is fast approching, it is time to turn in the sold tickets.

The following cadets MUST turn in the number of sold tickets indicated next to their name no later than 21h00 at Marie Victorin Community Center on Wednesday December 18, 2019.

  • Atia Pierre 48 tickets **

  • Du Lightning 12 tickets

  • Guan Steven 48 tickets **

  • Kuetcheu Teffo Aubin 24 tickets

  • Madsen Isaac 12 tickets

  • Shi Leonard 48 tickets **

  • Shi Roger 48 tickets **

  • Yu Mia 48 tickets

  • Zhao Alyssa 48 tickets **

  • Zhao Lily 48 tickets **

** Cadets who have a full 48 tickets package to turn in will not be authorized to join the December 22nd Pot Luck dinner and talent show if the money and 48 sold ticket tabs are not turned in.

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