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Here is the final list of appointments for the October 26, 2019 cadet uniform distribution at Marie Victorin Community Center:

  • 09:00 Petrie Thomas, Xu Huayian

  • 09:30 Chang Andy, El Alaoui Arwa

  • 10:00 Deng Kaien, Jin Ying, Zhao Xinlan

  • 10:30 Liang Shirley, Alcaraz Mendoza J, Alcaraz Mendoza K, Alcaraz Mendoza S.

  • 11:00 Bourakna Reda, Zhao Canyang, Ng Youn Chen Megan, Song Derek,

  • 11:30 Al-Amad Amir, Al Khairy Lara, Li Yannick, Mouya Madi Nelson

  • 12:00 Wang Junlin, Wong Lawrence ,Zhang Pearl, Zhang Yuwen

  • 12:30 Mathur Prem, Zhao Xinlan, Zu Daniel Haipei,

  • 13:00 Chen Jason, Chen Victor,

  • 13:30 Liu Chen Kiow Olivia, Liu Chien Kiow Stephanie, Men Jiayin

  • 14:00 Perdomo Lozada Diego, Torres Bejarano Ana Sofia,

  • 15:00 Cioana David, Tawadros Georgina, Toy William

All other cadets who could not come today are invited to come on Sunday 27 oct 2019 between 09:00 and 11:30 at Marie Victorin Community Center.

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