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Our l'Auto Cadets fund raising campaign is making good progress!

As of January 31, 2019, we have a total of 8875 tickets sold and a remaining 908 tickets in circulation. It means that 91% of all tickets distributed to cadets are now sold. Today is the FINAL DEADLINE to return money and sold tickets to the sponsoring committee.

Here is the list of cadets for whom we are missing the money and sold tickets. If your child is listed below, please be advised that he/she MUST bring back the money and sold tickets TONIGHT at Antoine Brossard High School at 19:00 before we start the WO1 First Class challenge.

Cadets who bring back ALL their remaining sold tickets and money tonight will be eligible to win a $50.00 Costco card.

Name / First name / Remaining tickets

Aasem Yanis 12 Blanchette Nathanael 24 Blanchette Noah 24 Chang Denise 24 Chang Lulu 24 Deng Kevin 48 Espinal Sophia Elem 72 Hal Houssine Amir 36 Huang David 24 Kravchenko Mykola 24 Li Ricky 12 Mo Kai Shi 24 Mustafayeva Tarana 24 Rodriguez Torres Luis Alejandro 24 Suarez Bastardo José Gabriel 12 Tchassem Loudjom Marlyne Myriam 24 Tian Kevin 60 Tran Ngoc An 12 Tran Ngoc Minh 24 Tran Ngoc Thao Nguyen 24 Wang Kevin 60 Wu Alessandra 12 Yakymenko Ilya 24 Yin James 72 Zhang Chelsea 12 Zhang Gary 24 Zhang Lawrence 72 Zhao Alyssa 72 Zhao Guang Hui 24

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