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The following cadets have not yet turned in a single sold L'auto cadets tickets. It is important that you bring back the sold tickets and money to the sponsoring committee as soon as you have a complete booklet sold.

Do not forget that our first milestone for this fund raising campaign is approaching very quickly. As a reminder ALL participating cadet MUST have sold their first 4 booklets and bring back the money of those sold tickets no later than November 23, 2018. All other cadets who have sold tickets but not their first 4 booklets must accelerate their ticket sale as well.

We held two ticket sale blitz to help you out selling your first 4 booklets. We now expect each cadet to fulfill their commitment and bring back the money and coupons for those 4 booklets sold

  1. Atia Lamair

  2. Bachkangi Eleny Teresa

  3. Blanchette Nathanael

  4. Blanchette Noah

  5. Bouriel Mohamed Yessine

  6. Bouriel Rayan

  7. Cai Andy

  8. Cai Lucia

  9. Carreno Daniel

  10. Carrillo Hayden-Arturo

  11. Chan Elim Yung En

  12. Chang Denise

  13. Chang Lulu

  14. Chung Mui Cheung Henna Jehan

  15. Cuba Canales Darlyn

  16. Dong Calvin

  17. Du Lightning Yue

  18. Guan Steven

  19. Huang Max Chen

  20. Jerebtov Alexandru

  21. Kuang Jason

  22. Lan Helen Zijun

  23. Li Sherry

  24. Li Vito

  25. Li Wen Bin

  26. Lin Cynthia

  27. Liu Rong Hao

  28. Long Derek

  29. Ma Andrew

  30. Meng Qing

  31. Mo Kai Shi

  32. Moustafa Hossam

  33. Osmani Rami

  34. Song Yi Fan

  35. Su Vincent

  36. Tamara Bassel

  37. Tamara Youssef

  38. Tang Wei Lun

  39. Tran Ngoc An

  40. Tran Ngoc Minh

  41. Tran Ngoc Thao Nguyen

  42. Wang Xixi

  43. Wei Sophia

  44. Wu Alessandra

  45. Yang Jonathan

  46. Ye Flora

  47. Yu Mia

  48. Yung Patrick

  49. Zhang Chelsea

  50. Zhang Gary

  51. Zhang Hanbert

  52. Zhang Michael

  53. Zhao Alyssa

  54. Zhao Guang Hui

  55. Zhong Davis Haohao

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